Why Garbasaurus?

The Garbasaurus is an interesting and unique statue among all the others. It is not your typical copper statue such as John McCrae and the Begging Bear, rather, it is made up of garbage pulled out of the Speed River! The outcome is incredible, and has drawn admirers from all corners of the city.

Not many people think of garbage to be a beautiful thing, which makes sense! But when you take a look at Garbasaurus, that opinion changes for a lot of people. The masterpiece contains random items that assemble a dinosaur-like creature, though it likes to call itself a creature of Mother Earth (See Twitter Interview).

Garbasaurus is more than just a piece of public art. In fact it resembles much more than meets the eye. The main idea is to show beauty in what we consider useless and ugly, and to remind us about our impact on the environment. Children see the Garbasaurus and are amazed that all of the items that make it up, came directly from out of the river. For the younger generations, it sets an great example to actively reduce, reuse, and recycle. Not only is this the case for children, but for all people it is a good reminder that we should show more love to the Earth and take care of it before it’s too late.

In addition to the message it is sending us, it also represents the river. The river is like the bloodline of our city, keeping us alive. Therefore we need to keep it clean and “healthy”. It connects cities, it is a home for all kinds of wildlife, and a source of recreational activities.

Over the years, people threw their garbage in the river, and something spectacular came from it. It is important to be mindful of what we are throwing out. Before you go ahead and put something in your garbage, consider if you can make it useful and give it some purpose. If you have children, make a craft! If it is recyclable, place it in the recycling! Be creative! However if you decide it is something you do not need, make sure to dispose of it properly. With a communal effort, we can work at keeping our city and rivers good as new!

Mikayla Alpas

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