Where Does the Money Go?

In the heart of downtown Guelph, stands the Family in the Fountain. This beautiful statue is different than the many others here in Guelph, as it also doubles as a fountain. People who come to visit get the chance to throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish.


As can be imagined several coins get tossed into the fountain daily but one question remains, where do all the coins go?

The town actually collects all the money found in the fountain and gives it to Sister Christine, a drop in centre here in Guelph.

Sister C

Sister Christine helps hundreds of Guelph residents every day by providing nutritious meals, friendly support and guidance. The centre has become a haven for many people here in Guelph, specifically the homeless and those suffering from mental illness, isolation and economic problems. This wonderful centre is run by over 80 amazing community members, which have dedicated their time to help others.

Every donation helps and keeps the centre ruining, so just remember every wish you make into that fountain can make the wishes of someone else in need come true.

Laura Ibarra

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