Old Jeremiah (The Cannon)

The Cannon, known as “Old Jeremiah”,  is an antique British naval gun that was brought to the University of Guelph campus by students as a sign of remembrance. The Cannon rests along Winegard Walk in the Branion Plaza, which is essentially the heart of the university campus. Although it was moved around in the past, often as a form of a practical joke, The Cannon is now cemented down and faces the president of the university’s office in the University Centre. Old Jeremiah has become extremely well known as a landmark on campus, and has contributed largely to the character of the school.


It has become a widespread tradition to paint The Cannon, often to announce upcoming events, to support a cause, as a memoriam etc. However, there are rules for painting Old Jeremiah that are taken very seriously by Guelph students and faculty. Some of these rules include: The Cannon must be painted at night, it must be guarded the day before it is painted, as well as after is has been painted until daylight. There are also some unwritten rules towards painting The Cannon, refraining from using it for political reasons. The University of Guelph takes pride in Old Jeremiah, and the traditions and respect towards The Cannon continue to thrive.

Since The Cannon is placed in such a central area of the university, students who are on campus see it almost every day. People wake up expecting to see The Cannon decorated in a new and creative way. It is a very exciting component of the University of Guelph, a true legend. This gives students a sense of togetherness. Old Jeremiah is something all Gryphons have in common. At some point in our student careers as a Gryphon, we have seen The Cannon, admired the Cannon, reflected on the Cannon, and maybe even be that person who commits to painting the Cannon! We use it to communicate messages in a creative way, which makes it one of the most involved statues in Guelph.

This semester we took the time to ask Old Jeremiah a few interesting questions on twitter. Old Jeremiah is one of the most active accounts on twitter out of all of the Stationary Crew. Ultimately, we wanted to know what Old Jeremiah thought their purpose was. It is important to know that Old Jeremiah takes pride in being a fellow  Gryphon, which is just as we see it. Take a look at our interview below!

Old Jeremiah Interview

Mikayla Alpas & Riley Noik

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