More About the Opposition

The family in the fountain was created in 1985 by William McElcheran. He was a well-known metal smith. This family in the fountain was a gift from the Italians to the people of Guelph. The statue was meant to represent a gift of appreciation for the kindness that they received from everyone.

In a society that was so welcoming, a fitting representation of a family only makes it more physically noticeable to portray the acceptance they attained. The Italians were more than grateful because during this time period people were not susceptible to change.

The family in the fountain was built out of kindness but instead acquired a lot of hate. Controversies began to spread throughout the town because of the family’s nudity. From that, conflicts would have arisen because the statue was different. Originally, religious organizations opposed this statue because of the nudeness, but the artist (William Elcheran) found that ironic because the statue was meant to reflect on its religious significance.

Modupe Okeowo

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