More About The Family

The family in the fountain is still a valid reflection of family in today’s society because although it is a traditional family with a male, female and child its purpose is not to reflect out-dated typical families but rather unity.

The Italians created the statue because they were grateful that Guelph was so welcoming and appreciated the generosity they were given. The family in the fountain was their gift to the city showing their gratitude.

The statue represents wholeness; because the family is close together showing their desire to be loved and viewed as one. Purity; because they are nude showcasing they have nothing to hide and that there intentions are genuine. Lastly, it represents innocence because the baby is at the top of the statue as the mother and fathers’ most prized possession, a child who has yet to do no wrong in the world.

Families today vary greatly within our society but this statue’s overall message of togetherness is universal, and that is why it is still a great reflection of family.

Modupe Okeowo

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