John Galt


The John Galt statue is a bust built in memory of the founder of Guelph, he was also an author and entrepreneur.  In 1824, he was the superintendent of the Canada Company and clear-cut maple tree at the bend by the speed river.  He lived in Upper Canada, now known as Ontario, while living there he founded Guelph in 1827. This statue is located in front of Guelph’s Provincial Offence House (Old City Hall), and he is the center piece of the square.

The John Galt statue was created by John Miecznikowski. The statue is made of bronze, and stands on a pillar of polished black granite. The statue sits higher up as if he looking down on the city.  It is said that if you look closely, you can see that Galts right hand is tuned skyward, which is a symbol of his inspiration for the radial design of the future city. Created in 1979 to mark Galts 200th birthday and the 100ths anniversary of Guelph as a city. The city of Guelph celebrates John Galt day on August 2nd every year, to remember his accomplishments to the city.

The statue is oddly positioned in that he is facing the walkway leading into the building and not facing the road like most other statues. This may be because it is if he was welcoming new people to the city. It is fitting that his hand is scalped outward for this reason as well. On the left hand is Guelph’s central bus loop and train station building and on the right is a new version of city hall representing Guelphs past (Old City Hall), the present (New City Hall), and it’s the future (the train station).

The Statue makes people feel welcomed to the city. Visitors are in awe when they see it. They also show admiration and fascination towards the statue.

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