Gryphon Statue


The Gryphon Statue was designed by two faculty members and two graduates of the School of Fine Arts and Music. The design took six months to plan and develop and one year to produce. It cost about $300,000, which were funded entirely by donations. The statue is made entirely of bronze, weighs 4000 pounds, and is 5 metres tall. It was revealed as part of Guelph’s 50th anniversary celebrations and Alumni weekend.

Meaning and Symbols

The Gryphon is a mythical creature with the head, talons, and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. The Gryphon statue is located at the campus entrance on Stone Rd. and Gordon St. It represents pride, strength, and the dual symbol of the dual nature of Jesus Christ. It is also a symbol of knowledge because it is resting on a book; the University is a place where the unexpected is to be expected.


Rituals Regarding the Gryphon Statue

Rubbing the nose of the Gryphon is one of the most popular rituals among students. Many people also enjoy climbing on the statue to take photos next to it. Many people around the world take photos with the statue to share some of Guelph’s rituals. Since the Gryphon statue is only two years old, there may be new rituals associated with it in the near future.



The Gryphon statue is located at the corner of Gordon St. and Stone Rd. It identifies the University’s entrance and presence.


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