The #StationaryCrew Tour: Part 1

Road Trip! Well, the first leg of one. And not very far. Today the hardy types among us toured three of the #StationaryCrew members: the Begging Bear, the Gryphon Statue, and Old Jeremiah.

Lot of snow. Bright sun. And a cold wind…..

First stop, the Canadiana/Begging Bear:

Begging Bear

Nice UG Alumni hat; nice UG scarf.

And, of course, there had to be selfies:

Begging Bear Selfie

On to the Gryphon Statue:

Gryphon Statue

And, of course, more selfies (although this one looks a bit more disorganized):

Gryphon Selfie

And finally, Old Jeremiah (still sporting his Legally Blonde attire):

Old Jeremiah

The selfie folks had given up by this point (too cold), but we did find two students who got lost from the pack!

Late Participants Cannon

The #StationaryCrew Tour Part 2 is in a few weeks. We’ll be visiting The Family in the Fountain, the Blacksmith Fountain, John Galt, and John McCrae.

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