Getting Some Attention

Week 1 of the Project brought some unexpected, but delightful, attention. Andrew Vowles, columnist for the Guelph Mercury, wrote a story about the course: “Iconic Guelph Statues Receiving Extra Attention.”

Andrew provided an excellent reminder of what these icons are and how the course is trying to “uncover” them in a new way.

Things also heated up in the Twitterverse. OK, we hardly went viral, but we did get new followers and initiated some good discussion.

Guelph Arts CouncilSome of that was with the Guelph Arts Council. It turns out they have some resources (including photos) that will be helpful. We’re delighted to have the GAC involved.

As Andrew mentions, this course is really about the nature of community. Why are these objects so important to us? What do they mean for the city?

And these questions will get the students out into the community, researching the icons and their context , talking with people in Guelph, chatting to the icons on Twitter, and, most importantly, discovering why statues are never really just statues.

Let the conversations continue.

…Mike Ridley, Instructor

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